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A couple of taps and you’re swimming in beer.

There’s a small part of you that enjoys the challenge of finding a new beer. But the larger part just wants to get to it.

Beer Fridge is your app.

You can easily find beers by name, style, rating or by friends’ recommendations. Check into beers as you try them and log the results for future reference or to share with friends. Beer Fridge is the best way to find beer, period.

So many beers, so little time.

Try as many beers as you like. Then let the world know your thoughts. It’s super easy with Beer Fridge. All you have to do is log yourbrew and location, and your friends and followers can quickly share in your brew of the moment. Your top choices will be automatically remembered. And you can easily see & comment (i.e. judge) on your friends’ choices.

Build your very own beer kingdom.

Beer Fridge lets you create a wish list that can be amended as often as you like. If you add a beer that’s not available in your area, you’ll get a notice when it does become available. And we’ll give you recommendations on beers you might like based on what you’ve ranked. It’s crazy. Like somebody’s reading your mind.

The world’s largest happy hour.

Soon, the entire galaxy will be using Beer Fridge. You’ll be able to see what Niles in London likes with his fish ‘n chips or tell Franz in Austria about your favorite weisse. Of course, you’ll probably only really care about your close circle of friends which is cool because Beer Fridge makes it easy to keep tabs on their beerly activity. Best part…you can let them know you approve of their choices or call them out if you think they’re lame.